Monday, November 27, 2006

Template Upgrade

Finally, I've got a chance to post again. College applications have been consuming my life, and my Thanksgiving break was wonderful, but busy.

Well, My Forty Two Cents has gotten a makeover. No drastic changes, I liked to old look, but when I logged in to post on something entirely different today, Blogger informed me of the new beta upgrades, including Drag-and-drop template editing, post labeling, and privacy controls.

I mostly stuck with the same template, and the transition was smooth. In about five minutes, I had my sidebar reconstructed, with the largest difference being the new hierarchical organization for the archive section. I used the Drag-and-drop template editing because it was there; most of my editing to the old template was done right in the HTML and CSS code, but I found the template and drag-and-drop tools to be adequate for what I wanted to do.

Tell me what you think. Or even better, tell Blogger what you think, and we might see some changes.

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