Sunday, February 26, 2006

StatCounter Tracks My Hits

Take a look on the right-hand column of this page. Scroll down. See the little icon that says "StatCounter?" It looks like this:


StatCounter is a tool I found to see the usage statistics for this web site. It seems to be able to provide some pretty insightful information, including

  • Unique, Returning, and Total visitors
  • Browser, Javascript enabability
  • Operating system, resolution
  • IP address (so yes, I am logging you right now. I guess I should let that be a disclaimer of some sort.)
  • Referring pages, exiting pages
  • Search engines--and the search terms--that users found the site with
  • Length of visits, pages visited
  • Location, ISP

There's probably more I haven't found out yet. But best of all, the service is completely free. If you're looking for some basic demographic information for your blog or site, I'd recommend it.

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